f l o a t 3

Sleeps 1-5 people.  

Price on application.

Key Features

  • 107m2/ 1149sqft
  • 12 month manufactures warranty
  • Polyurethane Foam Float Pontoons
  • Outboard Motor Available
  • CE Mark


The float3 is a versatile unit, offering ultimate flexibility with internal layout yet still self propelling and navigable under its own steam.   Accommodation options could include two bedroom, 5 berth floating home with generous roof deck, or floating office, retail space, studio or party boat. 

Kept afloat by three polyurethane foam floats for maximum durability, stability and flexibility this liberal floating home/commercial space can either be moored permanently or taken out for day trips within local inland waterways. 


f l o a t 3 (1149sqft)

Floor Plan

***Please note the above specification is intended for marketing purposes only and therefore float8 reserve the rights to make changes to the specification as required. The product quality of any changes will be equal to or superior to what is listed above***