Our Vision

To lead the way in urban blue-space development; creating eco floating communities beyond the waterfront.

float8 has already invested heavily over the last three years, including:

Investing over 10,000 man hours of research,

Overseas visits to nine European countries,

Numerous marketing initiatives,

Acquisitions of prime moorings in Canary Wharf and Bristol Harbourside,

Investment in an impressive floating show home,

An accumulation of specialist advisers and partners.

How we will do it

1. Community consideration

All developments will include floating community and leisure space to support local wellbeing.

2. Using the latest eco-friendly technological advances within our designs

Block-chain smart energy grids, water source heat pumps, sun boilers to heat water, photovoltaic solar panels, battery storage to store excess energy, biorefinery black and grey waste water treatment facilities.

3. All floating developments will include green space

We will reintroduce natural plant and animal species and will undertake tree and reed bed planting.

4. By supporting the natural world, its bio-diversity and eco-systems

We will always aim for a sympathetic balance between the water space and it’s surroundings.


Social & Environment Responsibilities

We will provide solutions in our floating working and living spaces that support the move towards the global Net Zero emissions targets, by committing to sustainable building design and eco-friendly approaches in everything we do.

Through public & private partnership delivery, we will place architect designed eco-villages on bluefield sites, tackling not only the national housing shortage, but also supporting the natural world, its biodiversity and ecosystems.

We aim for our homes and workspaces to exceed the environmental credentials of today’s new builds, they will be equal in comfort, quality, price and style to traditional bricks and mortar.

Our Trusted Partners

Our work is complex and spans many industries, we develop excellent working relationships with many specialists and we lead the collaboration to get the job done