Are you the owner of a holiday retreat or an individual looking to expand your serviced accommodation portfolio or just looking to create a new income stream?

 The popularity of online services such as Airbnb and has seen a surge in both individuals and corporations offering short term holiday lets or Monday to Friday accommodation.  

 Even before the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic hit, ‘staycations’ in the UK were growing in popularity.  As the British public look for ways to switch off and escape the daily grind without bearing the cost or associated loss of time involved in flying to a different country.  

 The growing demand for affordable, self-catering retreats, paired with the British public’s growing fascination with water related leisure activities, such as stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and fishing and a growing awareness of the importance of connecting with nature to protect our mental health and wellbeing status, is evidence the holiday market can offer very lucrative returns.

 float8 recognises the holiday sector as a rapidly growing sector and has floating homes designed specifically for the market. Ranging in size from 250sqft studios, perfect for a Monday to Friday lets or holiday fishing pods, up to 750sqft, three-bedroom houses, suitable for a family of four to get away for the weekend.