Join the revolution of people moving from living in a conventional house or apartment to living on a boat. Reap the wellbeing benefits of being surrounded by nature and live in the nautical heartland that is a marina, with all the home comforts of a modern contemporary apartment.  

 Whether you intend on living on your floating home full time or using it as a holiday home, the Marina series can either be permanently moored or taken out for day trips up and down the local inland waterways. The float8 Marina Series is specially designed to accommodate an outboard motor, allowing it to be propelled much like any other boat. 

 More boat-like in their design and available in unit sizes from 250sqft up to 1150sqft, the Marina Series accommodate open plan living and kitchen area and sleep between 2 – 5 people dependent on the model.

 If you are looking to operate a business from a marina you may prefer to enquire about our commercial range.